What Do You Really Know About

Landing Pages?

  • All web pages serve a specific purpose
  • For instance, a homepage acts as a gateway to other navigational tabs
  • A landing page deals exclusively with the conversion process and nothing else
  • This includes lead generation, prospect retention and even registration processes

Understanding the position of landing pages in a conversion funnel

  • All businesses work by funneling leads toward conversions
  • A landing page is simply a part of that process
  • They come in when the audience has already been educated on a product or a service
  • Nonetheless, the most effective landing pages don’t just blatantly promote something
  • Instead, they compel people to buy into it.

What does your landing page need to have?

Clearly, you are eager to understand the essential components of landing pages. Here are the crucial elements that should serve as the pillars of your landing page design.

1. A compelling proposition

  • Be clear about what you offer and why your product or service matters
  • It’s best to rely on visual elements to convey these ideas successfully
  • However, avoid including images for the sake of it
  • After all, ensuring relevance is more important than being visually appealing

Consider the example of Airbnb. Their landing page on hosting is alluring, concise, and uses visuals effectively. Notice the smart utility of images on the landing page.

2. Supportive content with social proof

Supportive content is related to convincing the lead

  • Supportive content is related to convincing the lead
  • So, include content on product benefits, features and why site visitors should care about what you offer
  • Once that’s done, you add social proof
  • Social proof is essentially you saying, ‘Look, there are people who want what I offer.’
  • It can be in the form of testimonials, reviews or even customer quotes

3. A clear CTA

  • A CTA is merely the final button that you are trying to get your leads to hit
  • Ideally, it should be simple and avoid any unnecessary creative approaches
  • Some examples include phrases like ‘Get Started’ or ‘Sign Up’
  • Still, some landing pages ease people into a CTA
  • For example, they might have an activity that cushions the final conversion push
  • The result, however, remains the same

When is a landing page necessary?

  • Landing pages are universally effective in driving conversions
  • However, in some scenarios, they are almost mandatory
  • Some examples include social media campaigns or audio ads where people can’t directly click through
  • These pages are also excellent for promoting something specific, be it a new product or an upgrade to an existing plan
  • Finally, email marketing campaigns benefit immensely from landing pages
  • The reason? Such promotional tools add visually arresting elements to the overall content

Key takeaways

  • An exceptional landing page leverages brand identity and customer perspective
  • Then, it uses everything that a lead has consumed so far to create a compelling conversion funnel
  • Having said that, it’s not always easy to design such web pages
  • Professionals offering services in this area will be your best bet
  • After all, why wouldn’t you give your product the support it needs?

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