Building A Corporate Website

5 Things You Need To Look Out For

Defines your organization’s essential facets clearly and concisely.

5 Things You Need To Look Out For

  • A corporate website is unlike any other site page
  • There’s no standard format to follow
  • Simply put, it’s a fluid page that conveys your organization’s identity
  • Yet, fluidity doesn’t translate to a complete lack of guidelines
  • Understanding how this all works is vital

Prime example is that of Lazada Singapore. The name reveals an array of high-quality and affordably-priced products on a reliable platform.

What exactly is a corporate website?

Definition and idea behind a corporate website

  • A corporate website is solely for conveying your brand image, your company’s story and why you do what you do
  • And all three of those elements must be present on the homepage
  • The reason behind that? Site visitors always see your homepage first
  • So, if your website can’t make an immediate impression, users will not venture any further

Purpose of a corporate/business website

  • Corporate websites do not overtly educate an audience or promote a product
  • Your ‘Resource’ section and ‘Product Category’ pages are meant for that
  • This doesn’t mean that your site won’t help with lead conversion
  • The site will sell your company rather than your services or products
  • In short, you need to pique the user’s interest with your website
  • That will start the conversion process, which will then transition them to other pages

Five core aspects to stick to while conceptualizing a corporate website

1. Simple domain address

  • Choose a simple domain address to help people recall it easily
  • Try and stick to one word and use ‘.com’ as a domain extension
  • Avoid hyphens or double letters, and pick the most relevant keyword to your brand
  • Remember, sacrificing a little bit of creativity is fine if it means people can find your site easily

2. Cohesive brand image

  • Your site needs to carry the same tone as your other online channels
  • So, if you have a social media page and your primary content is a little casual, avoid adopting a formal voice on your website
  • If you do that, it’ll have a jarring impact on your audience
  • It’s also crucial to keep the language as open as possible to invite a broader audience

3. Clean interface and design

  • You don’t have to follow a minimalistic design for your site
  • But it’s best if you keep it clutter-free design
  • So, never force pop-ups and auto-play videos on users
  • Doing so will cheapen site integrity and affect your overall brand perception
  • In addition, convey information concisely while also making it sound noteworthy

4. Optimized for online traffic

  • Optimizing for online traffic has to do with funneling people into your site
  • So, title your web pages and use meta or image tags for every page
  • It also helps to optimize the content for keywords
  • Build an accessible layout that transitions users from one page to another
  • If possible, try and add a subtle brand CTA on a few of the pages
  • You can hire the best corporate web designer. However, you should also pay equal attention to directing traffic, i.e., an audience to your website.

5. Responsive and cross-platform compatibility

  • Your website needs to be responsive and compatible with different browsers and devices
  • Additionally, most people access the internet through mobile devices now
  • If you want to retain traffic on the site, it’s vital to optimize the site for the same
  • Remember, the modern-day internet user will not wait more than a few seconds for a page to load


  • Think about your brand values, the image you want to portray and the story you want to tell
  • This will help you in creating the structure and the content for your business’s website
  • It’s also recommended to outsource the development of such sites to external professionals
  • That way, you get to focus on the broader vision being implemented into the design
  • Finally, and this is critical, always think about how you would like to use a site

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