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How Managed Hosting Can Benefit Businesses

Having cloud-based support for your infrastructure is the smart thing to do.

What exactly is managed hosting?

  • Managed hosting allows a company to lease IT infrastructure from outsourced service providers
  • This can include servers and even conventional hardware such as computers
  • The idea behind the model is to remove excess IT baggage
  • Even better, such services beat out the retainer fees for internal IT support teams

Why does managed hosting matter?

  • To understand how managed hosting helps, let’s look at what the alternative is
  • Typically, hosting companies limit services to equipment and server security
  • It’s primarily up to you to figure out any potential issues and solve them yourself
  • So, conventional hosting doesn’t reduce the cost of maintaining IT systems
  • Meanwhile, managed hosting doesn’t just lease the systems but also provides support

What other benefits does managed hosting provide?

1. Services providers eliminate system vulnerabilities pre-emptively

  • Managed hosting services fulfill a range of IT responsibilities
  • These include OS updates, security patches and site traffic filtering
  • These providers also immediately address cybersecurity threats a
  • The best bit? All of this comes as part of the contractual agreement

2. Compliance with data regulations and laws

  • All managed hosting companies must adhere to several compliance regulations
  • This is primarily due to how they deal with sensitive company information
  • When you manage your systems, this responsibility falls on you

3. Technology without significant capital investment

  • Managed hosting services are meant to provide the best-in-class IT support
  • That’s only possible because they rely on using the latest technology
  • So, partnering with such providers gives you access to that tech
  • Yet, your organization doesn’t need to make a substantial investment to do so

Key takeaways

  • There’s a misconception that managed hosting is merely for prominent corporations
  • However, SMEs can benefit immensely from such services due to the scaling of contractual agreements
  • If you are still not convinced, ask yourself this: if professionals readily offer their services to you, why would you say no?

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