Notice The Positive Job and Task Management Transformation

with Top-notch workstation Features

Boost Your Team’s Efficiency With iworkstation’s Job and Task Management Support

Automating routine processes elevates productivity and reduces the hassle of conducting manual evaluations. Be it assessing your team’s performance or managing ongoing projects, a robust CRM platform proves crucial. With iworkstation, you can create business rules and measure various metrics related to your team’s tasks.

This module facilitates managers in the process of organizing tasks in an efficient way. With best-in-class automation technology, managing multiple activities is now a simplified task.

A Combined Job and Task Invoice Creation Facility

iworkstation enables the easy creation of a job form with its lag-free integration into the invoice module. All you need is to create a customer invoice, and the CRM system will generate a detailed job form.

With a clutter-free interface, your team will find it comfortable to monitor all the job details in the sales cycle.

Hassle-free Job Assignment for Maximum Operational Efficiency

The flexibility to allocate specific tasks and jobs to your team can help in boosting work output. This feature simplifies the job assignment process.

Notably, any designated user can allocate tasks to other individuals. This ease in job allocation will ramp up the pace of your project.

Customize Jobs with Filters That Define Priority and Deadlines

Customization is the key to any effective CRM software. The iworkstation fulfills this aspect with an in-built feature to enable a choice of multiple options.

You have complete control over a job’s status, reminder dates, and notifications. This way, tracking every task becomes easy, and you never miss out on essential job updates.

The Job Phase Function That Redefines Optimum Task Management

Unlike other CRM platforms, iworkstation offers an array of valuable options for various modules. You can create job phases to segment a major assignment into systematic tasks. In addition, it is possible to assign a user and set priority for a specific job.

The CRM system creates a detailed task within the desired job number and invoice in a single click. Also, you receive alerts from the software to avoid missing important deadlines.

Personalized Job Notifications to Existing Team Members

With iworkstation, your team will always be in the loop. This function supports real-time task assignment notifications to users.

This way, your team members will receive an alert after each job assignment. This feature covers all the tasks in the complete sales process.

Job And Task Features Are All About Optimizing and Enhancing Your Productivity

Proper management of all activities and projects is crucial for attaining remarkable productivity. The comprehensive iworkstation CRM supports team collaboration and aligns every member with the ongoing jobs and tasks.

The presence of a unified customer database also adds to the convenience of all the associated team members. Hence, managing all the crucial tasks on a fool-proof platform is possible with iworkstation.

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