Experience Remarkable Sales Augmentation

with Impactful iworkstation Features

Leverage Top-Notch CRM Features for Bolstering Your Company’s Sales Cycle

An efficient and swift sales workflow requires choosing the perfect CRM platform. iworkstation allows you to assign salesman performance and guides users through a systematic sales process. This software streamlines every facet of sales management from the initial step of lead generation to the final junction of deal closure.

Is It Possible to Excel on The Sales Front with A CRM Platform?

Gone are the days when companies spent a huge chunk of money on advertising and promotional activities. Today, CRM software like iworkstation offers ergonomic and suitable features to plan and deliver enticing marketing campaigns. With the all-effective automation technology, you can create a customized sales and marketing module without hiring a large team.

Experience Remarkable Sales Augmentation with Impactful iworkstation Features

Create Customized Quotations and Invoices with Integrated Options

Now, creating quotations based on client orders is an easy and quick task. iworkstation offers a quote customization function to modify any details. Also, you can convert a quote into an invoice with a single click.

Automated Calculation of Overall Margins for Added Convenience

No more reliance on calculators and excel sheets. This feature enables you to assess margins behind any product or service. Create order lists, and enter information like taxes, shipping costs, and discounts.

The iworkstation CRM platform will calculate all the parameters and generate accurate margin values. Furthermore, you can also receive the gross income value automatically. The system excludes data like margins and gross value from the customer invoice and quotes to safeguard sensitive details.

Add Desired Terms and Conditions in A Single Simplified Step

It is crucial to transparently mention all the terms and conditions for any financial transactions. This way, companies develop reputability and improve their brand recognition.

With the iworkstation ‘Terms and Conditions’ section, you can quickly enter all the vital information. You can also customize these terms as per requirement. The simplicity of this feature makes it convenient for users with basic technical knowledge.

Manage Tax and Modify Rates for National and Overseas Customers

Variation in tax rates is a common aspect across the globe. Hence, the iworkstation CRM system allows easy modification of invoices and quotes. You can even alter the taxation figures according to the end customer.

Additionally, it is possible to change the currency for overseas customers. This feature provides remarkable flexibility to create tailor-made quotes with minimal effort.

Automated Invoice Details and Credit Terms Recording

The iworkstation system reduces manual labor with state-of-the-art automation technology. For instance, the software enters a ‘partial’ tag in the invoice upon incomplete payment from a customer.

Also, information like due credit, balance, and total amount paid by the customer undergo constant updates in the CRM. So, you do not need to calculate invoice values at each junction.

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