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WordPress Development

  • WordPress is one of the friendliest tools for those just starting with web development
  • Its free tools serve as a training ground and a guide to leveraging its premium features later
  • However, before moving on to that phase, anyone using WordPress must have these five elements ingrained into their practices

Best practices for WordPress development

1. Coding Standards

  • The WordPress developer community has a few guidelines in place
  • These coding standards come from years of trial and error
  • So, adhering to them is critical to site functionality
  • For example, when creating a new theme or plugin through PHP or JavaScript, developers must stick to specific guidelines on the site

2. Choosing Themes and Plugins

  • While building a WordPress site, you may use an existing third-party plugin or theme
  • Pick one that’s frequently updated and has consistent reviews
  • That’ll ensure that the plugin or theme will be compatible with later updates
  • Moreover, the developers will be more likely to help if you encounter issues with their code

3. Site functionality

  • Incorporating a custom plugin is the ideal way to add site-specific functions
  • This is far more effective than adding site widgets through theme templates
  • You can use code snippets to create custom widgets
  • When you rely on a template to make such additions, you restrict the site to using that particular theme to not lose out on functionality

4. Update Compatibility

  • Most developers use an existing theme while building a site
  • Often, they’ll want to customize it according to their requirements
  • To do so, they must install the original file and create a child version.
  • That way, when the original file updates, the custom theme’s code won’t break

5. Template Hierarchy

  • WordPress has a system for suggesting templates while building a page or post
  • It picks from a default pool and matches the site as closely as possible with a template
  • For those using child themes, any added files will override lower-priority templates in the parent theme
  • Understanding how template hierarchy works will be fundamental to building the site you want

Key takeaways

  • Getting a new plugin, feature, or theme to work the first time is challenging
  • To circumvent this, you can use Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • The basic idea is to outline a test to check for functionality and then write just enough code to pass the parameters
  • After that, repeat the process every time you add new code
  • Still, your business may not have the necessary time to go through all of that
  • In that case, hiring professional developers will be the best way to go about this
  • After all, a job done with expertise and ease is always evident in the final product

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