Accelerating Success Through Comprehensive Website Revamp and AI-Powered Management

Revamping Brand Image and Design


Orange Flyer Distribution, a Singapore flyer distribution company, had an outdated and forgettable brand image and design. Their website lacked visual appeal and failed to convey their brand story effectively. With a generic look and feel, they struggle to stand out in the competitive market.

  1. The banner lacked interactivity with the target audience.
  2. It failed to engage the target audience’s emotions regarding their pain points.
  3. The content did not effectively showcase or describe the solutions offered to customers; instead, it primarily focused on promoting packages.


  1. Our AI-driven redesign breathes fresh life into their website’s appearance.
  2. By utilizing AI, we curated a unique mood board that revolutionized their brand story, aligning perfectly with their target audience.
  3. The star of this metamorphosis is their updated landing page, packed with AI-enhanced content. It masterfully presents their unique selling points (USP), establishing them as expertise in the flyer distribution industry.

Content Optimization


Previously, Orange Flyer Distribution's website suffered from disorganized, uninspiring, and ineffective content. The messaging lacked structure, persuasiveness, and engagement. It failed to resonate with the target audience and did little to convert visitors. Testimonials and case studies were missing, leaving potential customers skeptical.


In the wake of their transformation with the power of MIBC AI solutions, the website boasts meticulously structured, compelling, and curated content. The messaging not only persuades but is also optimized for SEO, effectively attracting their target audience. The seamless integration of testimonials and case studies provides essential social proof, enhancing user trust and boosting conversion rates.

New Keywords


Prior to the transformation, Orange Flyer Distribution's keyword strategy was ineffective. Keyword research was lacking, resulting in poor organic traffic. Their content and web structure were not aligned with targeted keywords, causing them to miss out on valuable search engine visibility.


Harnessing the power of our AI solution, Orange Flyer Distribution's website has experienced notable improvements in organic traffic and performance:

  1. Consistent Graphics: Our new keywords effectively conveyed to the Orange Flyer Distribution's target audience, driving higher engagement and motivating them to click and explore the landing page. This ultimately led to increased traffic and improved user interaction.
  2. Increased Traffic: The website experienced a significant boost in total impressions, with a total of 674 impressions recorded. This increase in visibility contributed to higher website traffic.
  3. Improved Click-Through Rate (CTR): The implementation of targeted keywords and optimized content led to an improvement in the website's CTR. Users were more likely to click on the website's search results, increasing overall engagement.
  4. Enhanced Search Engine Position: With a focus on SEO optimization and strategic keyword integration, the website achieved improved search engine rankings. This resulted in higher search result positions, making it more visible to potential customers.

PPC Campaign Improvement


Orange Flyer Distribution's PPC campaigns were underperforming. They lacked a clear strategy, resulting in low visibility and high costs per acquisition (CPA). Clicks and impressions were subpar, and their campaign effectiveness was not regularly monitored.


With the power of AI-driven optimization, Orange Flyer Distribution's PPC campaigns have undergone a remarkable transformation. Our AI solution efficiently identifies and targets relevant keywords, eliminating manual research hassles. Continuous AI monitoring and analysis have significantly improved campaign performance. Our strategic scheduling of campaigns during peak traffic periods, when the target audience is actively searching for services, resulted in a significant increase in clicks within a month of the revamp.

Traffic for SEO


Traffic acquisition was lackluster before the transformation. Orange Flyer Distribution struggled to attract users to their website. In June, they had only 136 users and 188 sessions, with just 40 engaged sessions of organic search.


Post-transformation, Orange Flyer Distribution has seen substantial growth in one month revamp traffic acquisition. In August, their user count increased from 136 to 227, sessions from 188 to 347, and engaged sessions of organic search from 40 to 100.

It indicates that more people are finding orange websites through search engine results pages (SERPs) when they enter relevant search queries or keywords. This is a positive sign for Orange website's visibility and indicates that our SEO efforts, including keyword optimization, content quality, and other factors, are driving more organic (unpaid) traffic to Orange website.

Speed Performance


Previously, the website suffered from slow loading times, contributing to a poor user experience. Visitors were likely to leave due to extended page loading.


Following the website revamp and management, the transformation in speed performance is evident. The website now exhibits impressive metrics, confirming its mobile-friendliness and user-friendliness:

Metrics :

  • Speed Index: Improved to an impressive 8.4 seconds, ensuring swift page loading.
  • Total Blocking Time: Reduced to a mere 80 milliseconds, minimizing interruptions for users.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift: Measuring a minimal 0.012, indicating a stable and visually consistent user interface.

With these remarkable performance metrics, the website now scores:

  • Performance: 85% (a substantial improvement)
  • Accessibility: 91% (a significant enhancement)
  • Best Practice: 73% (showing considerable progress)
  • SEO: 100% (reflecting optimal performance in search engine rankings)

Speed performance ensures that pages load faster, contributing significantly to enhanced user satisfaction and retention. Visitors no longer face the frustration of extended page loading times, resulting in a vastly improved overall user experience.

CPA and Sales Growth Improvement


In the June report, Orange Flyer Distribution's sales were marked as "Poor," indicating that they had not yet commenced their PPC campaigns.


With our strategic guidance and management during the website revamp and management process, we achieved significant improvements. We streamlined their advertising efforts by using targeted keywords and optimizing maximum costs per click (CPCs). Our continuous monitoring and analysis, supported by AI-driven insights, were instrumental in boosting campaign performance. They got some new leads from their landing page.

After one month of the revamp, we observed significant improvements in CPA and an impressive Sales Growth in 23 August-22 September. The results were highly favorable, featuring a positive CPA and a remarkable 180% sales growth.

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