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An Intelligent, Intuitive, And Innovative Singapore CRM Software for Building Fruitful Consumer Relationships

What Is iworkstation?

iworkstation is a customer relationship management (CRM) software developed to maintain consumer satisfaction through multiple activities. Big or small businesses in Singapore can use this system to formulate strategies, generate leads, and attract new prospects. Now, maintaining excellent rapport with your customers is a simple task. Explore more about iworkstation and develop long-lasting connections with your customers.

CRM Software Singapore

Iworkstation Is More Than Just CRM

Efficient utilization of data is the foundation of iworkstation. This Singapore CRM software is a hub for collating customer information from various sources. In addition, this CRM software tracks crucial metrics to help companies understand customer interactions and satisfaction levels. With iworkstation, you can capitalize on valuable data and ensure top-notch service standards.

Be it administrators, marketers, or sales managers, iworkstation can prove suitable for any profile. With state-of-the-art technology and customization options, this CRM software elevates the output of your business requirements exponentially. Notably, this system is open to more than just a specific industry. With any revenue level and size, big or small businesses in Singapore can benefit from the platform. The multi-user support with apt data storage potential and quotation management system makes this one of the most versatile CRM software in Singapore.

Singapore CRM Software

Elevate Your Business to The Next Stage With iworkstation CRM

In today’s era, companies require an all-in-one customer relationship management platform. iworkstation fulfills this purpose with its multi-feature model.

This CRM software for big or small businesses in Singapore is not limited to simple data and CRM quotation management activities. With the built-in features and options, you can benefit from the combined utilities of different CRM tools in one comprehensive system. In addition, this fool-proof system offers the following benefits:


  • Increase in customer loyalty through communication with contact leads and accounts
    iworkstation enables you to create and develop profile information for your invaluable leads. Analyzing prospects is crucial to devise lucrative marketing campaigns.
  • Bolstering Your Company’s Sales Cycle
    iworkstation allows you to guide users through a systematic sales process with a quote customization function and convert it into an invoice with a single click.
  • Efficiently maintain AR and recurring payment transactions
    One of this platform’s most vital benefits is offering rebates to your end customer. All you need to do is deduct a margin percentage after creating an invoice.
  • Efficiency Job and Task Management Support
    The flexibility to allocate specific tasks and jobs to your team can help in boosting work output. Your team will receive alerts from the software to avoid missing important deadlines.

Overall, iworkstation has the potential to elevate your customers’ satisfaction profoundly.

Create Well-segmented Leads Database for Easy Accessibility and Analysis

As an organization, it is vital to keep all customer records in a well-maintained depository. iworkstation enables you to create and develop profile information for your invaluable leads.

Store, import, and export data as per requirement. This CRM software swiftly transfers required details with the auto-recording feature.

CRM Software For Small Business Singapore
Singapore CRM Software For Small Business

Convert Your Leads into A Detailed Customer Account Without Hassle

Analyzing prospects is crucial to devise lucrative marketing campaigns. For this purpose, you require an authentic record of your leads in the form of a simplified account page.

With iworkstation, you can create or import leads in a single step. Simply click on the system’s ‘convert to account’ option.

Equip Your Sales In-charge With Vital and Accessible Customer Details

Once you create customer accounts, hand over the information to your sales in-charge. With an automatic integration feature, managing live accounts of leads and customers becomes quite simple.

The sales team can utilize these details in their dedicated internal rooms. Consequently, you can share insights and data with the relevant professionals and ensure the smooth functioning of the company.

CRM Quotation Management
CRM Quotation Management Singapore

Store And Manage Multiple Contacts on A Single Account

Storing similar contacts on a single account page minimizes the hassle of switching between different sections. With iworkstation, your sales team can create several profiles with ease and convenience.

Conduct Financial Activities in Each Account at a Phenomenal Pace

The iworkstation CRM quotation management system allows big or small businesses to create quotations and invoices in each account separately. This way, you can plan rebates after analyzing the margin for different accounts.

Conduct Financial Activities in Each Account at a Phenomenal Pace

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