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As a pre-approved PSG vendor under the IMDA, we design and develop your eCommerce website to take your business to the next level!

What Is a Cross Border Marketplace Solution?

Cross-border marketplace solutions allow you to establish your presence across the globe. When your business crosses borders, you can attract more customers.

MSMEs can reach markets that were previously out of their reach! A cross-border solution fetches more traffic and opportunities for revenue.

Proven Market Expansion with Cross Border Solutions

Rise above the rest and set your brand apart with effective cross-border marketplace strategies.

Laxla will guide you through establishing your brand image in this highly competitive market. Cross-border solutions come with exciting benefits:

  • Increase your market share by selling products across multiple countries
  • Improve your product quality to compete with foreign sellers
  • Modify your product standards according to the local brands of the foreign market
  • Create a significant impact on the national economy and grow your business

Plus, when you collaborate with us, you’ll enjoy lower overseas shipping costs!

Avail of Laxla’s Convenient Cross Border E-Commerce Solutions

Laxla has the best e-commerce solutions to take your business to the next level. Our services will help you sell and ship products across S.E.A efficiently.

We utilize the fastest shipping methods to keep the processes smooth. Receive the best cross-border facility to save costs and scale your business in a cost-effective manner.

With Laxla by your side, your e-store will be well on its way!

Why Should You Opt for Our Services?

If you have just entered the industry and want to improve your brand image, Laxla is here for you. Choose our convenient cross-border e-commerce solutions to handle the required operations appropriately.

When you choose us, you receive the promise of:

  • Effective cross-border marketing solutions
  • Complete assistance in developing your e-commerce store
  • Affordable and fast shipping assistance
  • Excellent payment integration for smoother business
  • Guidance with tax, import, and related issues

Laxla will help you embark on your journey to become an international seller!

Our Process

Wondering where to start? We set up your business using these simple steps:

  • We help you evaluate the product margin for better sales
  • You need to understand the products, import duties, tax, tariffs, and anti-dumping duty
  • Boost engagement through our platform reviews
  • Add products by category
  • Receive the invoice order via email
  • Select the product pack and send it to our merchant delivery partner

What Are the Criteria to Become a Laxla Seller?

All set to sell your products with Laxla? Check out the criteria to begin:

  • Level 1 seller ranking on Laxla
  • Decent customer reviews
  • Minimum product margin – 30% [Margin formula = (Revenue – Cost IDR): Revenue x 100%]
  • No prohibited products
  • Products must have high demand
  • Easy-to-use products

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Laxla today to move forward in your e-commerce journey.

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