eCommerce Website Development Singapore
Revolutionize Your Online Sales Without the Hassle

Claim up to 50% Funding for your Professional Website
with a PSG eCommerce grant!

eCommerce Website Development Singapore
Revolutionize Your Online Sales Without the Hassle

Claim up to 50% Funding for your Professional Website
with a PSG eCommerce grant!

Get A Stunning Online Store Crafted Using High-Quality E-Commerce Development Processes

The Singapore government offers PSG grant up to 50% of qualified costs to help businesses adopt technology solutions, improve productivity, and enhance business processes. An E-commerce site is one of the shopping media that is professionally designed to build a virtual brand to enhance your customer’s shopping experience.

The data shows that Singapore’s e-commerce users are expected to hit 70.3% by 2027. This means that Singaporeans shop online more frequently, so stay competitive by meeting your customers from any sales channel! Choose the best e-commerce management plans to optimise your site with us!

Ecommerce Website Design Singapore
Singapore Ecommerce Website Design

Optimised E-commerce Solutions

  • Optimise the e-commerce website design according to your marketing requirements.
  • Fast and seamless e-commerce website
  • Integrate convenient payment systems

Shipping products and receiving payments will now be hassle-free with our e-commerce development services!

PSG Ecommerce

MIBC develops e-commerce websites to help SMEs. You can be next!

Let’s check, are you eligible for the PSG grant?

  1. Business entity registered and operating in Singapore
  2. Has at least 30% local shareholding
  3. There should be no more than 200 employees in the Company’s Group, or the Company’s Group annual sales turnover should not exceed SGD 100 million.
  4. Purchase/lease/subscription of the IT solutions or equipment must be used in Singapore

If you meet the criteria above, then congratulations! You are eligible to apply for the PSG grant e-commerce package.

MIBC PSG Grant E-Commerce (Optimised E-commerce solution) Package includes:

  • E-commerce solution design and wireframe (custom with your personal identity brand)
  • Admin Account for e-commerce dashboard
  • UI/UX friendly and Mobile-responsive (4 pages)
  • Content Management System
  • Powerful e-commerce features (Product filters and sorting, categories, reward point system, coupon code, payment gateways, fulfilment tracking, and many more).
  • Comprehensive training by handover doc and technical support for your new e-commerce site
  • Actionable Data Metrics to track key operational metrics (sales report, most viewed product, bestsellers product, and any more).
  • Stock Management to control your inventory levels and trigger low stock items from a centralised dashboard.
PSG Grant Ecommerce

Key Features

Check Out The Key Features of Our E-Commerce Website!

E-commerce Store View
A user-friendly e-commerce format with easy navigation. Simple custom e-commerce web design to help shoppers quickly get what they want. Improved search functionality and fast checkout.
Optimized Stock Management
Inventory levels are controlled, and low-stock items are triggered, all from a single centralised dashboard. Unique inventory allocation rules to decide the number of products to be showcased.
Incredible Shopping Experience
Exclusive deals for customers with promo codes for lightning “Buy Now” special discounts. Unique “Buy More Save More” offers to encourage additional purchases.
Actionable Data Metrics
Data at your fingertips to track key operational metrics. Know conversion and bounce rates and abandoned cart items to follow-up with customers. Easy monitoring of shipping status.
Share on Social Media Platforms
Your store is integrated into social media platforms for better marketing of your site. Custom e-commerce web design allows customers to create a buzz with social proof about your site and reviews for greater outreach.
Quick Order Processing and Payment Gateways
Seamless order processing features with quick checkout. Site linked with multiple payment gateways to offer customers a wide range of secured checkout options.
Personalised Customer Interaction
Enhanced customer relationships and interaction with custom e-commerce web design. Best practices design, high-resolution photos, and club membership for frequent buyers.
Special Promos and Discounts
Make every festival special for your customers with exclusive discounts and surprise offers. Create custom promo codes, offer gift cards, and redeemable points to drive more traffic to your site.
Mobile-ready e-commerce site
Mobile responsive website to increase sales and search engine rankings. Content intuitively adapts to whatever device is used to access the site for an optimised customer experience.
Global Audience
Take your site to a global audience with advanced features and cutting-edge in-built tools to cope with huge traffic and special shipping and payment processes.
Ecommerce Development Singapore
Singapore Ecommerce Development
Ecommerce Web Development
Ecommerce Web Development Singapore

Let Our Works Do The Talking

Check out some of our featured clients below!

Ecommerce Website Development

“MIBC offered to set up an e-commerce website on Magento for Bake Mission, instead of selling their products on a physical storefront, Bake Mission was now able to list its products on a digital space. The flexibility of an e-commerce stall meant Bake Mission can list products across all their existing brands, not just baked goods. Business consultants at MIBC suggested bundled promotional items to increase sales and allow consumers to enjoy a range of Bake Mission products at lower prices.”

“A new strategy adopted by PAMA under the guidance of MIBC is the Online to Offline (O2O) strategy, which allows customers to have a touch and feel of some of PAMA’s products in Merchant Partner stores. PAMA customers can view PAMA products in Merchant Partner stores and place their order online, online orders can also be collected in Merchant Partner stores as well. Prices online match those in-store, increasing convenience and assurance for PAMA customers.“

Ecommerce Website Development Singapore
Ecommerce PSG Grant

“PrintWork has approached MIBC with the intention of streamlining their order processes and improving handling efficiency, one of the issues they faced is the back and forth inquiry and quotation with customers which may cause delays and frustrations. The creation of a customised Matrix Table allows customers to obtain quick quotations for their desired prints based on delivery date and quantity. Another
issue they faced was the difficulty in retaining and attracting new customers given the competitive nature of the market.”

“Setting up an e-store is a difficult task but MIBC accompanied Ritzhouzz for every step of the way. From product photoshoots to instructions as to how to start listing products on Magento, MIBC provided support services to help Ritzhouzz build their online presence. Partnered with MIBC, Ritzhouzz is planning to launch a Facebook livestream to promote their special products and conduct digital marketing
campaigns to help generate brand awareness in Singapore.”

Custom Ecommerce Web Design
Custom Ecommerce Web Design Singapore

“Hoping to capitalise on their self-access wine storage, founder Steven Lim, looked towards creating an e-commerce store that would allow self-collection at their warehouse and contactless payment to reduce manpower and logistical costs. Online purchases are synced to the self-access locker, allowing customers to pick up their purchases on their own.”

Why Choose Us for your E-Commerce Site

Team of Experienced Professionals
We are a team of e-commerce web development and website design professionals with wide experience of working with industry leaders in Singapore. Convert your brick-and-mortar store into an e-commerce platform and watch your sales grow exponentially. Our focus is always on simple user-friendly design, quick loading, organised product categories, and easy checkout. Assured high visitor traffic and conversion to buyers. Multi-language support to meet the demands of a global marketplace.
Unique and Exclusive Designs
For us, designing and developing an e-commerce site is always unique and exclusive. We understand that every client has special needs and select requirements. Our design team and e-commerce store developers closely collaborate with clients to ensure that you get what you need and more beyond your expectations. We focus on the USP and go the extra mile to enhance brand awareness and reach among the desired audiences. Work with us and see your corporate brand identity and reach grow manifold.
Analytics and Web Auditing
Leverage the power of Facebook and Google to prepare your e-commerce site for business. We offer Facebook Analytics to understand your customers’ interests and journeys and engage with them effectively. Utilise Google Business facilities to increase your brand awareness and reach local customers fast. We conduct website auditing to optimize your site for success.
Speedy response and support
When you work with our developers, you get access to a quick and highly responsive customer care and support team. We value customer relationships, and our design team is available at a call for any problem resolution. We are in constant touch with our clients, and any project is a continuous collaboration between us until it goes live and beyond. Our focus is on seamless communication with clients for a quick response and smooth product delivery.
Tailor-made e-commerce websites
We strongly believe that every e-commerce site is unique regardless of the products and services displayed. Our team of dedicated e-commerce store developers and professionals will design a site around your unique selling points. There is no standardisation and hence, your site is a display of your visions, your goals, and your business objectives alone. Our team of store developers providing e-commerce website design in Singapore are dedicated to what you need and the end product – your site – is representative of your values.
Enhanced Marketing Campaigns with GTM
Receive go-to-market (GTM) strategies when you opt for our e-commerce development services. It will help you engage with customers, promote your products and services, and gain a competitive advantage over other firms.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am an SME owner and want to use the PSG for my company’s e-commerce website. What are the eligibility criteria and application process?

Your company will need at least 30% local shareholding to be eligible for PSG. Submitting the application to the Business Grant Portal will notify you if the application is successful.

You need to prepare CorpPass User and login Password, PSG development quotation from us, along with the financial statement for the past two years for a quicker application. Get in touch with our Sales Consultant to know your eligibility for opting for a PSG for an e-commerce website.

Can you ensure the reimbursement of the grant to our SME?

We can’t provide you with this guarantee. However, after you submit your application to the Business Grant Portal, you’ll know if it’s approved. After approval, you need to submit the following documents for the grant’s reimbursement:

  • Bank statement
  • Quotation
  • Payment receipt
  • Invoice
  • Website screenshot and usage report

Is it necessary to wait for an IMDA approval before paying a deposit to MIBC?

You can wait till the IMDA approves your request and gives you the Letter of Offer. Then, you can submit your deposit to MIBC, and we will begin working on your website.

What is the estimated timeframe to build the website?

After the grant is approved, we will begin the website development immediately. You will receive the wireframe within 2-3 weeks. We will customize the site per your requirements, features, and appearance. Moreover, we can make further customizations if you need additional changes.

So, the estimated schedule for your website’s development will depend upon your requirements. We can provide you with a better idea of the schedule after you’ve confirmed the details and modifications.

Contact us for a free consultation call today!

Is it possible to modify the payment terms if required?

Yes, we can modify the payment terms according to your project and requirements. Kindly contact our sales consultant for more details. However, you must pay the total amount for the project before the PSG grant is reimbursed.

Will I be eligible for the PSG if I am the company’s sole proprietor?

Yes, you are eligible for the PSG being a sole proprietor of your business.

Do I need to pay MIBC only 50% of the website’s fee since PSG offers 50%?

You must pay 100% of the project fee before the PSG reimbursement is made. So, it is important that you manage your finances and ensure the cash flow, as the development process will take a few months.

If you want to get the job done faster, you can talk to our Sales Consultant for more details and assistance.

Do I need to pay any additional fees after the project is completed?

Yes, you might have to bear additional charges if your e-commerce website has recurring services. These expenses include a domain, hosting, SSL, and specific plugins, which require subscription fees. Moreover, you may also pay for an optional maintenance package.

If I need additional features or modifications for my website, will it be possible to apply for the PSG package?

As the government regulates the PSG, we cannot modify our original PSG payment package. However, if you need additional features, we can offer them and invoice them separately. Get in touch with our sales consultant for such features.

How is a PSG-approved e-commerce solution different from others in the market?

To become an IMDA pre-approved solutions vendor, your company must be registered in Singapore. Moreover, the solutions, packages, and quotes need to be audited by the IMDA and Enterprise Singapore. They will analyze the agency’s past performance and customer satisfaction levels.

There are complex requirements for quality and vulnerability assessment, which IMDA security agencies examine. It is also essential that your solutions meet the customer’s needs.

So, a PSG and IMDA-approved e-commerce solutions provider will have excellent security and service quality standards, which sets them apart.

Ecommerce Web Design Singapore

MIBC develops e-commerce website designs in Singapore to help SMEs

Digitise and grow their business. By providing the right support to help them grow and having an experienced web development team, we are able to provide the most suitable service for them that is value for money.

We are a dedicated e-commerce website development agency helping clients to build, scale & celebrate e-commerce businesses. Our mission is to assist businesses in reaching their maximum potential through innovative commerce solutions.

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